Gatekeeper 101 – How do you find and track your clients?

Let's face it, in the commercial real estate due diligence world, there is no shortage of contacts in a given deal. For every deal, we have a buyer, seller, lender, insurer, attorney(s), property manager, and many others. How does your firm capture and track this information? What value does this information have (or what are you missing out on if you don't collect and track it)? After the world changed in 2007/2008, many of our long term clients have found new opportunities with new firms. If your firm does 20 transactions a month and you capture 10 contacts per deal, that equates to 2,400 contacts in one year! It takes dedicated staff time to collect this information and a robustĀ Client Relationship Management (CRM) software tool such as Salesforce or share ware like Sugar CRM. As you populate your CRM, you can use it to do email campaigns, keep notes on specific client hot buttons, and see who else they may introduce your firm's services to. One other incredible tool isĀ LinkedIn for user groups of interest, updating your client contacts, recruiting, and recognizing who may have worked with whom. LinkedIn communicates with other software CRM tools to update records for those individuals who use LinkedIn and is a great way to keep your data set up to date. LinkedIn Personal Plus is also a fabulous way to find qualified candidates in any geographic region and learn who they may have worked with through their connections.

I have read marketing statistics which indicate the regular use of a CRM (collection, verification, and emailing) can grow revenue by 5% to 10% or more, but remember, “Garbage In. Garbage Out (GIGO)”! Good luck with building and maintaining your CRM!

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