Environmental Insurance Support Services

Aviation Fuel Cleanup

A major petroleum transport company sustained a loss involving the release of 10,000 gallons of military aviation fuel into a park and nearby catch basin which led directly to the bay. Blackstone provided real time oversight of the cleanup approach and served as the liaison between the insured, the insurance company (client), and the state, federal (military) and local regulatory agencies to provide expedient and cost-effective remediation of the release.

Blackstone was able to reduce a proposed Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) penalty with data-driven conclusions on the actual area and extent of impact to nearby marsh grass. In addition, Blackstone’s immediate presence at the scene mitigated 24-hour response costs and contained cleanup crew activity to the minimum required by the state and local authorities, saving approximately $100,000 in cleanup costs.

Construction Consulting

Senior Housing Development

Blackstone performed a Construction Document Review on behalf of a financing source for a tax-credit Senior Housing development in Massachusetts. The $22mm property consisted of 196 wood-framed modules that were manufactured off site and erected in a three and four-story arrangement. There are significant design considerations involved in ensuring that air, vapor and weather barrier continuity is maintained to avoid destructive moisture and condensation issues throughout the building operation.

Like swiss cheese, the nature of modular construction affords opportunities for substantial air movement between individual components. If not detailed properly, air can travel deep into the building’s core and condense, resulting in microbial impact opportunities.

Upon successful bidding, the contractor mobilized for demolition of existing structures, installation of major utility relocations, and the new construction. Blackstone visits the construction site regularly to ensure everything is being done to maintain the construction schedule, budget and quality of work.

Asset Management Services

Wellness Spa and Hotel

The Blackstone team evaluated a recently constructed Wellness Spa and Hotel in the Texas foothills poised to be the second hospitality building in the United States to claim LEED-EB Platinum status. Blackstone was consulted as part of the multi-discipline, pre-purchase Property Condition Assessment to independently validate the developer’s performance representation. We look forward to the successful completion of the certification process.

Multifamily Pre-Foreclosure Due Diligence

Blackstone completed a Physical Needs Assessment on a four-building, multi-family portfolio in East Orange, New Jersey, supporting our Client’s foreclosure proceedings. We identified significant physical deficiencies that required additional study in order to determine the extent of the deficiency and subsequently develop a comprehensive scope of work for the repair.

Blackstone evaluated the exterior wall systems, central heat systems, electrical systems, and elevators throughout the portfolio. During a four-day exercise, we removed brick masonry from two of the buildings to determine the exterior wall construction, which was critical in developing an appropriate repair strategy. We investigated the central heat systems and determined the likely cost to continue operation and also provided alternative, energy-efficient options through converting to hydronic systems.

Our concern extended to the electrical systems due to the age and conditions of the buildings. Blackstone provided detailed information on the system and identified necessary repairs and upgrades. We also determined that the existing elevators were beyond the ability to maintain and service and developed a thorough and realistic approach to modernizing the equipment and controls.