New Year, – New Hire

We are all aware of the turmoil in the CRE markets for the past two years and how that has impacted all A&E firms in some manner. I would argue that there is a tremendous amount of technical talent (and business development experts) available now whether they may be currently unemployed, underemployed, or “looking” but employed (see “hiring in a down market“). We can all recall trying to hire anyone a mere 3-4 years ago and how difficult and expensive it was. I would argue that some of those hires didn't make it through these tough times because they were overpaid or unqualified for their position.

There have been many hiring managers who feel that the people that are unemployed now are not the best candidates available, however, many firms are suffering badly and those who are unemployed may have been the victim of a poorly managed firm. For those who are still employed, but “looking”, rest assured the candidate will do his or her due diligence on the hiring firm as well, which is not a bad thing at all. There may be some real dialog now between a prospective candidate and the hiring firm that would likely have been absent had the economic downturn not have happened. This dialog may bode well for finding a great fit and a long term employee and potential future owner even.

Best of luck to all in 2010, but hiring the right people in a service industry like the A & E business is absolutely the key to long term success and client satisfaction. Please share your hiring strategy for 2010 if you would by indicating if you are looking to hire, and if so, what skills are you looking for first (business development, technical, manager, etc.).

Good hiring practices and successful hires are the only way to do more with less.

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