Asset Management Services

Blackstone has found that owners rely on our technical and management skills to prepare solutions, scope proposal requests for specialty design and forensic services, and project manage the execution. Often, defects or capital needs are identified during due diligence, and escrow accounts are established with definite time constraints on the appropriate use of the funds. Blackstone works with our clients to identify and successfully substantiate the need for creation of the escrow. This saves time in refining the renewal scope and getting to the construction repair phase.

Energy and Sustainability:

Our clients hire Blackstone to assess existing building systems and identify opportunities for sustainable and high-performance enhancements that can influence operational costs. The recent increases in both¬†social awareness and¬†efforts to live and work in a manner that can be accommodated by the earth’s natural systems provide endless opportunities to create new, more sustainable buildings. That being said, good, fundamental design has always been smart and sustainable. It is our challenge, working primarily in the realm of existing buildings, to identify improvement opportunities that are physically viable and economic to owners and managers of commercial real estate. Our value is in identifying opportunities to improve the bottom line through operating efficiency, maintenance, and well-placed capital. Blackstone’s evaluation criteria is consistent with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) perspective, thereby further enabling client judgment as to the amount of effort necessary to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Tax Credit criteria in a quest for potential LEED Certification and consequential market benefits. Prioritization across an entire portfolio can be a daunting task. Individual properties or components can be either unique opportunities or Achilles’ heels. Owners and managers must decide how they want to address the real estate they control. Do you commission an Energy Audit or do you screen your properties for potential added efficiencies using a Performance Benchmark? Blackstone believes combining this effort with your initial pre-purchase due diligence, capital planning, auditing, or compliance assessments makes the decision less difficult. All Blackstone services can be customized to your need. We believe that Consulting begins with the development of a scope of service. Upon collection of the data, the opportunities to mitigate negative and promote positive environmental impacts, optimize life cycle costs/benefits, and optimize external costs/benefits can be presented as a High-Performance Building Assessment.  

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