Construction Consulting

Whether you are the developer, the construction lender, or an owner/equity investment partner, you are all working as a team to build your vision. Minimizing your risk begins before the project starts. Blackstone’s staff of experienced architects, engineers, and construction managers can add value to your project by ensuring that it can be completed according to plans, budget, and schedule through our pre-construction plan and cost reviews. Prior to construction, Blackstone will analyze and opine on the completeness, coordination, and adequacy of the following:
  • Construction Drawings and Specifications
  • Owner/Architect and Owner/Contractor Agreements
  • Project Budget
  • Adequacy of the Contingency
  • Construction Schedule
  • Compliance and Conformance to Code
Identifying any issues before the project starts can eliminate the chance of unforeseen roadblocks during construction Blackstone also provides project close-out services to certify completion.

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