Environmental Site Assessments

Blackstone exceeds industry standards for environmental assessments including the most current ASTM Standard (E 1527-13), Practice for Environmental Site Assessments, also known as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESAs). Blackstone has established protocols for environmental assessments using ASTM guidelines to ensure accurate evaluation of environmental issues.

These assessments generally include the following Phase I ESA items:
  • Detailed site inspection
  • Regulatory database, aerial photograph, and historical maps reviews
  • Interviews with persons knowledgeable of the site
  • Evaluation of risks of neighboring properties
  • Reviews of previous site evaluations or other reports
Blackstone will also follow client-specific scope requirements developed for the transaction or conduct assessments in accordance with the requirements of major lending institutions, credit rating agencies, and investment banks used by the client. Blackstone will develop a scope of work for the client that allows consistent product preparation among its various business units, divisions, or subsidiaries. Blackstone’s philosophy is to present value-added consulting and assist clients in achieving their transaction and environmental management goals. Whether it is the quantification of liabilities prior to an acquisition to protect the buyer or addressing issues prior to a divestiture to prevent devaluation and attachment of future liability to the seller, Blackstone can support a transaction from all perspectives. If the environmental site assessment identifies the presence of potential environmental concerns or RECs (Recognized Environmental Conditions), Blackstone can develop the sampling and analysis plan and perform the additional data collection or subsurface investigation (Phase II). In the development of the Phase II scope of work, the proper methodologies for data collection are selected to ensure acceptance by regulatory agencies. Blackstone performs the following Phase II Environmental Site Assessment sampling services:
  • Soil Testing
  • Soil vapor testing.
  • Groundwater and Potable Water Testing.
  • Geophysical Surveying.
  • PCB/Metals Wipe Testing.
  • Asbestos.
  • Lead-based Paint.
  • Lead in drinking water.
  • Radon.
  • Mold.
  • Indoor Air Quality.
  • PCBs.
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