Blackstone also provides turn-key voluntary and/or regulatory-driven subsurface investigation and evaluation services, including:

  • Geological investigations to determine local and regional stratigraphy and geologic and paleo-environmental evaluations
  • Aquifer characterization utilizing well installations, slug tests, groundwater flow direction and flow rate measurements, and single and multiple-well pump tests
  • Modeling utilizing a variety of computer programs to predict and monitor groundwater and plume migration rates as well as the effectiveness of capture zones through time
  • Clean-up objective development using statistics and background chemical information
  • Data Validation and Usability Analysis
  • Vadose zone investigation using soil sampling, soil gas surveys, VES pilot and full scale testing
  • Geophysical investigations using magnetic, electromagnetic, and seismic reflection/ refraction techniques
  • Downhole geophysical investigations: downhole video, caliper, natural gamma, resistivity
  • Vapor intrusion monitoring and mitigation
As part of property transactions, risk assessment, and risk-based corrective action (RBCA), Blackstone combines site assessment, financial risk management, and remedial action to quantify the environmental risks, remedial costs, and project duration for potential property purchasers.

Blackstone customizes unique business risk assessments to the site, the client’s informational needs, and the property transaction type. A Blackstone risk assessment not only identifies areas of regulatory concern for soil or groundwater, but can also quantify the business risk associated with each closure alternative (such as potential costs).

Blackstone can also perform initial evaluations of impacted sites to outline future closure processes, such as risk-based closure, comprehensive remediation, or a combination of both. Blackstone uses the RBCA tiered approach, customizing the evaluation to include only the qualitative information and quantitative data to support cost-effective decision making.

Blackstone can incorporate these activities into Phase I and/or Phase II ESAs to provide the client with information needs within due diligence timelines, while minimizing the collection of extraneous data.

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