Structural Design and Seismic Retrofit

Blackstone’s team of qualified, licensed engineers provide a wide range of structural engineering design services to our clients. Our design services are a complement to our structural and seismic risk transactional due diligence services. Blackstone engineers are experienced in the structural design and retrofit of commercial residential, office and industrial properties, as well as remodel construction for single-family and multi-family wood frame residential properties.

Our services include:

  • Soft Story Retrofit (Voluntary and Lender-Mandated) – Soft story retrofit of multifamily apartment buildings is often done on a voluntary basis or mandated by a lender as part of a mortgage transaction. Blackstone can work with your lender to design a retrofit solution that suits the lender underwriting requirements in an efficient time frame.
  • Soft Story Retrofit (San Francisco Mandatory Ordinance) – Blackstone has extensive experience with the unique construction and building configurations in San Francisco. Our engineers can design a retrofit solution that satisfies the San Francisco Ordinance (66-13 and SFBC Chapter 34B) and provides minimal disruption to the tenants, with cost-effective design services and construction costs.
  • Soft Story Retrofit (Los Angeles Mandatory Ordinance) – The City of Los Angeles has a similar wood frame soft story ordinance to San Francisco, with unique requirements that are uniquely suited for Los Angeles-style apartment buildings. We have extensive knowledge of the ordinance language and the LA City Municipal Code requirements framed around this Ordinance. We can also assist with the Tenant Habitability Plan (THP) forms.
  • Structural / Seismic Upgrades and Adaptive Reuse Projects – Generally as part of a redevelopment or building change of use, our structural engineers are well-versed in structural and seismic upgrades to commercial properties for all types of redevelopment projects.
  • Structural Rehabilitation and Forensics – Deferred maintenance and poor construction quality can lead to water intrusion and termite damage that results in structural deterioration if gone un-checked for a length of time. Our engineers can not only assess existing conditions as part of the due diligence effort, we can design remediation solutions that are appropriate and sympathetic to the capital budgets.
  • Commercial Multi-Family and Single Family Residential Remodels – Blackstone works with owners and architects to prepare structural solutions for all types of residential remodel projects, including interior renovations to vertical and horizontal building extensions.

For additional informaiton: Joshua Marrow, P.E. (CA, WA), SECB Senior Associate Director of Seismic | Structural Engineering (415) 549-3549 office (415) 730-5432 mobile